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1000 Flowers fragrance

– Perfumer Jessica Buchanan

1000 Flowersis a Canadian niche house, founded by the perfumer Jessica Buchanan.

The formula of the first perfume Reglisse Noire from 2010 was created in Grasse France, where Jessica learned the art of perfumery working at Mane and Robertet.

Designer 1000 Flowers has 2 perfumes in our fragrance base.  1000 Flowers is a new fragrance brand and the earliest edition was created in 2010.

The nose who worked on the fragrance is Jessica Buchanan herself.

FLEUR NO 1 by 1000 Flowers

is an Aromatic Green fragrance for women and men,  launched in 2011.

REGLISSE NOIRE by 1000 Flowers

is the scent of black liquorice candy.

1000 Flowers Reglisse Noire fragranceIf we were to say that this was one of the most amazing black licorice scents we have ever sniffed, we would be speaking the absolute truth and yet you probably wouldn’t be that impressed. You might think to yourself:   “well, how many black licorice scents can there be?” So let us state this more clearly: this is a gorgeous scent and we adore it and it happens to have a fabulously authentic black licorice note at its heart. There are many other things going on, of course – a cool green mint, a soft cozy blend of cocoa, vanilla and musk, a twist of patchouli – and the overall effect is balanced and soft and sexy. But still, the true essence of this fragrance is licorice – the most mysterious of all candies, the star of the controversial black jelly beans, the secret of the slippery kiss of Sambuca. Sweet , but not sugary; dark, but not brooding. Craving-inducing.