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Butterflies and Bananas in your garden

We all love to have butterflies in our garden. Their beauty and delicate charm is always eye-catching and enchanting especially when one is sitting quietly at peace amongst the garden blooms.

Welcome butterflies into your gardenIf you have a splendid garden with plants and flowers in good health, why not make it even more charming by attracting a few butterflies?

With their colourful wings and subtle, graceful flight, they give a touch of elegance and sophistication wherever they go.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to attract butterflies as one may think. This is because they often prefer fluttering around different places rather than staying in one place. However, sprinkling your garden with small pieces of banana peels can help you attract and maintain these beautiful creatures as long as you like.


Fertilising plants using banana skins

Banana peels are excellent as fertaliserNothing is more beautiful than a garden that boasts of healthy plants and colourful flowers all year round.  If banana peels can help you achieve this like the artificial fertilisers found in the market, what is the need of using chemical products if you really love nature and protecting the already endangered environment?

With its ability to ripen fast and amazing decomposing properties, the banana skin acts as an effective natural fertiliser.